Surprising Health Benefits Of Cold Weather

Surprising Health Benefits Of Cold Weather

During the cold seasons the days are short and hence perhaps you have less time for exercise and exposure to sunlight. But if you suffer from winter depression, exercising outdoors can improve your conditions like strong medicine.By coming the cold season, warm clothes are brought out from the wardrobe and heating appliances are turned on again. For many people, the winter season is unpleasant because they must grapple more with diseases such as colds and flu’s.

As the report of “Live Strong”, but cold also have the other face that unlike the cloudy weather is not too dark, and may bring you surprises. Cold weather has positive aspects in terms of health benefits. In continue of this article we will learn more about the some of these benefits.

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes:

Infected mosquitos are transporter for diseases such as Zika, dengue and West Nile. There are two types of mosquito that spreads the disease: Culex and Aedes. Since the Culex and Aedes mosquitoes are not active at temperatures below 50 ° F (10 °C), so the getting these disease through the bite of mosquitoes significantly reduced.

Burn more calories:


Two types of white and brown fat can be found in the human body. While white fat in the body is the largest energy storage, brown fat consumes calories to generate heat. The results of a study showed that brown fat uses of white fat as fuel to produce heat in encounter with cold. Increase the metabolism and fat intake lead to burn more calories.

Easier to sleep:

Body temperature goes up and down during 24 hours a day. Typically, the temperature of the human body reaches to the highest in evening and at dawn is at its lowest. When the body prepares for sleep, it loses its warmth. One of the ways that can help you to fall asleep more easily is reducing the room temperature. Accordingly, the cold weather can be effective to you go to sleep easier.

You can think better:

Glucose in the human body helps to mental agility and regulates the body temperature. Hence, when you’re in hot or cold weather, glucose in the body acts to regulate the conditions. Warm temperatures forced the human body to consume significantly glucose to keep cool everything and hence, it can have a negative effect on human decision making abilities.

Reduction the muscle inflammation:

In a study, three treatment methods were used on a group of runners that was included the cold therapy or Cryotherapy, far infrared (also known as heat treatment), and traditional rest. The obtained results showed that Cryotherapy returns faster than the other two methods maximum power to the muscles. Of course, those people who have heart problems are better dealt with heat because the blood vessels are narrow in the cold.

Cold helps to clean the skin:

Cold weather can act as an aggregator, it makes tighter the pores, reduces the possibility of obstruction and hence you are less prone to the formation of acne. Also, cold weather makes slow the secretion of sebum (the natural skin oil produced by the sebaceous glands) and prevent it. Also helps to prevention of acne and keep the skin glow.

Exclusion of seasonal affective disorder with exercise in outdoors:

During the cold season the days are short and hence perhaps you have less time for exercise and exposure to sunlight. But if you suffer from winter depression, outdoors exercising can improve your conditions like strong medicine. Exposure to sunlight and production the endorphins through exercise can significantly improve your mood.

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