How to Be a True Friend

How to Be a True Friend

I think not just kids but adults to go through many friendships in their lives. Friendships are something that’s very important in someone’s life. Many people go through friendships.
In a friendship there are many important steps into maintaining a good and strong relationship. I currently now have a very good relationship with my best friend. We’ve been best friends since the 8th grade and I’ve always adored the presence of her.

One of the most important things into keeping a strong relationship is being honest with each other. Even if it hurts them being honest with them will make them very grateful to have you in there lives. It may be very difficult to tell them the truth but ever since you were younger you always heard the term honesty is the best policy.

Vice versa you should always be there to listen to them and help them out. They could always be going through hard things in life and the best thing to do is give them good advice and help them through with whatever they are going through.

You should always try and improve their lives. Making them a better person is also making you a better person. The hardest thing to do is seeing someone very close to you struggle. Also and you may be the person that they want to talk to and rely on you. Think about everyone surrounding you besides yourself.

You should always accept the person as how they are and know that you can’t get everything you want. It’s always best to get to know someone before you trust them.

Know that they have your trust to because if the feelings aren’t mutual then you shouldn’t give in too easily. Something that is also very important now that I think of it is having the same agreements with each other.

It’s not the best feeling of trusting someone and them not trusting you. In the article it says to be loyal and forgive. I think that is probably the hardest thing to do is forgive. They could have done the worst thing they could’ve done too you and you may be very angry.

“A true best friend always tries to cheer you up”. that is one of my favorite thing that the article said. I think the energy they bring around you is the one of the most important because it also affects you. You have to know that your energy will also affect whoever is surrounded by you.

This article tells you 25 different ways into being a true and good friend. Most of it is common sense but some of it is really helpful. It could help young ones so they know who they can trust and how to be a good friend as well. Each one of these helpful tips are said by other people.

I think friendships are very important in life. It’s nice to have that one person you could tell everything to and talk to when you’re down and even when you are happy. Sometimes you may not want to tell them anything and if they were a good friend they would accept that and they won’t get hurt.

Trust is very important in a friendship. Saying this twice will make you realise it is important. If you don’t trust them then are they really someone you could call your best friend?

My favorite one is “try and improve their life”. That one catches my attention out of all of them. I think that’s a good friend if they try and make you a better person. Being a better person can make everyone love you and possibly make you love yourself. Being a better person can affect you in your future.

If you ever start to have problems with a friend or get into a fight. You should always talk about it, be calm, and forgive and forget. Forging and forgetting is the hardest part but it’s the best thing to do. Read More

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