Dealing with People You Don’t Like

Dealing with People You Don’t Like

Now that I’m a Junior in High School I know who my real friends are. We all have that one person you can’t stand but you can’t forget about them because you see them everyday either at school or work. There are many ways on dealing with that person you can’t stand like: Here are Dealing with People You Don’t Like.

Ignoring them- doing this will make you the bigger person and less childish.
Looking at the good in them- maybe they are actually good people and you are just overreacting.
Working things out- talking to them can clear up the negative energy.
Keeping yourself busy- by doing this you are focused on something else.

Forgive and forget.

Lower your expectations.

Dealing with People You Don’t Like

Dealing with People You Don’t Like

All these tips can help prevent drama. One nice simple action you do towards them can change the perspective they have towards you. I also feel like kids like to bully each other through social media. You shouldn’t say something you will regret or you wouldn’t be able to say to there face. You shouldn’t feel guilty that you guys don’t have the same feelings towards each other, everyone is different.

It may be awkward in the beginning if you run into them but, as time goes by it will be like you guys never knew each other. You should always have your boundaries. Know what you can handle and what you can’t handle.

You can only change yourself. If they do things that bother you talk to them you shouldn’t take it personally. You should observe how other people handle them. They may be going through things at home and that’s why they act so negative around you so if that is possible helping them would solve this conflict.

Talking to someone about your feelings towards someone else could help a lot. You have all your feeling cramped to yourself that expressing it to a close friend or a family member can help a lot. Sometimes when you speak your problems towards some it sounds like you are just overreacting so you get over how you feel towards that person. You should always speak up and stand up for yourself. Be confident in yourself.

My favorite advice gave was “Remain positive with them. Employees want their bosses to like them. Maintain a professional, cordial relationship with even the most irritating team members. This will help maintain your focus on the task in front of you, as well as help prevent further conflict.”

I think that being positive can help you with not just dealing with people you don’t like but being a better person. You shouldn’t act childish just because you don’t like someone you should remain mature. You will always run into someone you don’t like but you never know, at the end of the day you guys could be best friends.
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